Sunday, 27 January 2013

Facts about Russell's viper(Daboia)

The most dangerous snake in Asia is Russell's viper and highly poisonous snake of the Viperidae family. Once bitten, people experience a wide variety of symptoms including pain, swelling, vomiting, dizziness, kidney failure and blood incoagubility.
  1. The patients who died had higher levels of urea in the blood, higher levels of creatinine and received less dialysis.
  2. Russells Viper can be found in India, Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Borneo,east Java and Sumatra.
  3. They will eat just about anything, including rats, mice, shrews, squirrels, land crabs, scorpions and other arthropods.
  4. Vipers can eat prey that is three times bigger than their mouths as they have tendons in the mouth that can stretch to this size.
  5. They detect their prey with their keen sense of smell.
  6. Their fangs are long and hinged. 
  7. The snake is mostly found in open, grassy or bushy areas, but may also be found in second growth forests (scrub jungles), on forested plantations and farmland. They are most common in plains, coastal lowlands and hills of suitable habitat.
  8. Death from septicaemia, kidney, respiratory or cardiac failure may occur 1 to 14 days post-bite or even later.
Total length        -      5 ft-6ft    
Length of tail     -      7 inches(18 cm)
Girth    6 inches -      15 cm
Width of head    -      2 inches(5 cm)
Length of head  -      2 inches(5 cm)

  • Drop in blood pressure and heart rate
  • bleeding of the gums
  • lose their facial hair
  • have decreased libidos
  • have a reduction in male hormones
  • vomiting
  • kidney failure
  • swelling and 
  • Discoloration may occur throughout the swollen area as red blood cells and plasma leak into muscle tissue. 
                                                     **BEWARE OF SNAKES**

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