Friday, 5 July 2013

Corruption facts

Corruption means creation of impurities in government/private duties for own benefits.Political corruption means to take advantage of government for private profit.So I think corruption is done by fraud people by fraud methods.

1. Poor infrastructure
Examples: - poor condition of roads, poor drainage system, poor telephone network.

2. Increased in cost of goods and services.

3. Poor medical services.
Examples:-lack of medicines and doctors.

4. Unemployment

5. Bad governance.

6. Rise in crime rate and insecurity.

I think corruption is the root cause for a country’s development

  •  lawlessness
  • power hunger
  • exploitation of weak person. 
Bad Advantage
The person who is corrupt gets rich or gets a good paying job and powers from their illegal dealings and accepting bribes.

                                                          * BE HONEST *

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